Black Rainbow



Black Rainbow is a horror anthology seeking to highlight and feature LGBTQIA horror stories for an anthology to be sold in print and in e-book format. This is a paying market.

I repeat: This is a paying market!

Special thanks goes to all of our Kickstarter backers. All of your names will be listed on a special page within this site shortly. We could not have been able to pay everyone for their hard work up front without your help. This has been a very humbling and emotional experience and I do not have the words to thank each of you properly.

We are currently seeking submissions!

All stories must contain LGBTQIA identifying characters. For further information & how to submit, please read and follow the Submission Guidelines completely. Submissions that do not follow guidelines will not be considered.

PLEASE NOTE: During our initial submissions period, we were accepting limited stories from “ally” authors. These spaces were limited and have been filled. We kindly request that Cis-Gender Heteronormative (straight) authors refrain from submitting to this anthology at this time. Our goal is to showcase under-represented voices and characters.

This market is currently only open to authors who identify as LGBTQIA, including authors who are non-binary, pan-sexual, demi-sexual or any variation thereof under the sun.