Collectively, the authors selected for this anthology represent a diverse mix of the LGBTQIA community. They are men, women and non-binary. They are gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, bisexual, polyamorous, demisexual, asexually and ally identifying. They are people of mixed races and background who all share the same goal…

This anthology was created to shine a light on the dark places inside of us all and remind our readers that no matter what your truth is, you are valid and you matter.

Our goal was to select narratives that were gender and identity affirming. We wanted to focus on regular people living regular lives and tell stories that didn’t sexualize the cast or revolve entirely around what those people were doing in their bedrooms. There is no other project like this. Most other LGBTQIA anthologies are, in fact, solely erotica.

These stores feature characters just like us — boring, regular people living their lives. They just happen to not claim heteronormative sexual and/or cisgender identities. Our characters are people that are under-represented or not given a place in traditional narratives at all.

We wanted those stories to be shared… People like us, living their normal lives until something horrifying happens to them along the way.

We present to you, in no particular order whatsoever, a few of those authors whom have contributed stories for you to look forward to.