Scott Savino is a multiply published gay author who’s works have appeared in various print and audio productions including The NoSleep Podcast, Scarecrow Tales Podcast and various spooky YouTube channels.

Podcast Episodes:

  • The NoSleep Podcast – S11E05, S12E17, & S12 “Suddenly Shocking Vol. 10”
  • Scarecrow Tales – S01E02 & S01E06 (as a narrator)

His anthology publications include:

  • A Cure For Chaos
  • Monstronomicon (2 stories)
  • Wrong Roads (2 stories)
  • Goregasm (2 stories)
  • Sirens At Midnight
  • Vampires, Ghosts, and Zombies

He is the project manager for this series and has contributed his time, stories and energy to Black Rainbow Volume I thus far without compensation. It was more important to him that the other contributors be paid first.

He is left handed, he thinks the idea of the Oxford comma is romantic, and his favorite color is brown. (Yes, really.) He lives with his partner Daniel and their dog Maximus on the far-too-sunny coast of Sarasota, Florida, where he longingly begs for reprieve of the white hot heat to whatever deity that listens; preferring his days overcast, wrought by rainstorms, and descending into early nightfall.

When he dies, he requests that someone fill his pockets with acorns so that he might become a haunted oak tree in his afterlife.

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