Edyth Pax-Boyr is an eldritch horror and half-elf living in the Pacific Northwest with five dogs, a cat that thinks it’s a dog, and her beautiful fiancée who shall remain nameless.

She writes predominantly horror with a healthy portion of science fiction on the side. Her favorite authors include H.P. Lovecraft, Rachele Bee, Dean Koontz, and Neil Gaiman, and you can find some of her writing available for free on r/nosleep.

She is the author of several popular short stories, including the creepypasta “Why Sarah Never Sleeps” and the nosleep favorite “My Sister Discovered a Universal Language, but Hasn’t Spoken Since 2003“, and you can find her work in several anthologies, including “The Monstronomicon” and “Horror Stories to Ruin Christmas: Serenity Falls Forever”.

If you would like early access to exclusive stories you’ll never find anywhere else, please consider becoming one of her well-rewarded and beloved patrons at patreon.com/deathbyproxy today, where you can see into the creative process, keep up with project announcements, read tons of creepy stuff every month, and feel great knowing you’re supporting an artist doing her art thing, and that she personally loves you for it.